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  • Nexgen Dipping Powder
  • Gentlement's Treatments
  • Waxing and Eye Lashes Extension
  • Gelac or Shellac Manicure
  • Artificial Nail Services
  • Multiple Choice Deluxe Manicure and Pedicure



It’s essential to take care of your nails, cuticles, and skin to maintain their beauty.


But it’s not easy to do it alone. That’s where we come in. We’re a full-service nail spa that caters to each client's unique style and personality. Treat yourself to a luxurious experience; you deserve it! Our full-service nail salon makes your stress fade away.

At SSpaTrends We are dedicated to 
providing the most sanitary nail care 
services available.All metal clippers nippersand pushers are soaked in barbicide at least 20 minutes after each service and are then baked in a hospital grade heat sterilizer an 
additional 45 minutes. Tools are presented 
to the client in a sealed pouch before each service. This extra step goes above and 
beyond requirements of the State Board of Cosmetology.We have seen the news, 
reports about the dangerous bacteria that 
can be carried in the pipes and filters of 
whirlpool and massage pedicure chairs if 
they are not cleaned properly in between 
clients. Our pedicure chairs are pipeless.
chemical resistant basins and fresh running water. With no filters and pipes to 
recirculate bacteria. After each service, the sink and surrounding area is cleaned with a hospital grade cleanser.

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